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Order Cancellation Policy

Embroidery Digitizing Services is approachable 24 hours a day to ensure no client suffers a situation that leads them toward order cancellation. It is highly suggested to the clients to discuss issues with the support team before canceling the order. However, if there is a personal reason for which a buyer wishes to cancel the order, the following order cancellation policies would be implemented:

Orders need to be canceled within 24 hours of post-order placement. Order cancelation requests placed after 24 hours will not be catered to.

Order cancelation request needs to be submitted through email. It takes around 24 hours or less to respond to the requests.

Customized orders cannot be canceled. If canceled, only a certain % of the amount would be refunded. Have a look at the refund policy for a clear understanding.

To cancel the order, a genuine reason needs to be stated. If the reason doesn’t satisfy the team, the order will not be canceled.

To change details like address, one does not need to cancel orders.

Customer needs to be very active during the order cancellation process. Delay from their end will result in disapproval of the request.

We hold the right to refuse the order cancelation request.