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Terms and Conditions

Embroidery Digitizing Services has adopted a customer-focused approach to ensure transparency in each of its communications, and order placement procedures. The following terms and conditions keep everything crystal clear between us and the client, to make sure their procedure is smooth and fair for both parties. Please read the following terms and conditions prior to order placement. Your order cannot be processed without your acknowledgment of the policies:

To amend the contract signed with Embroidery Digitizing Services, the customer needs to seek consent from us, through the customer support team. No contract can be amended without the approval of our company.

Changes or revisions requested after the printing procedure has started are difficult to cater to. However, the changes can only be catered to if they are minor. The client needs to speak to the support team and then the company would analyze if they can help.

Minor changes can be done without any extra charges. But major changes require an extra fee.

Revisions are done free of cost. However, the client needs to take notice that requesting a revision, and demanding a whole new design under the term “revision” are two different scenarios, Changes can be done to the digital draft, but a whole new design would be charged separately.

To request revisions or changes in the design, one needs to get in touch with the customer support team via email. Since it takes approximately 24 hours to respond to the queries, we expect clients to practice patience.